Art From Mars

Animator and artist!

stuff people have asked me

What program do you use?

Procreate & Clip Studio Paint EX, Maya for 3D stuff

You sell art at conventions! Do you have an online store?

I'm planning on opening an online store eventually! For now if you're interested in any of my merch and can't make it to a convention, feel free to send me a dm and we can set something up!

Who the hell are your OCs?

They're an all-girl vigilante team on rollerskates :^) ill make a story for them some day...some day.........


★ 24 ★ she/her ★ Eng/fr ★
★ self proclaimed martian ★

  • Birds

  • Hugs from cute girls

  • Space

  • Many people speaking at once

  • Winter

  • Cars

Talk to me about:

  • Sonic

  • Metal Gear

  • Drakengard/Nier

  • Final Fantasy

  • Dorohedoro

  • Animation and video games in general :^)

welcome to the cringe zone

  • I got into Sonic through the live action movies (was never into it as a kid) 🦔

  • Sonic is my ADHD hyperfixation. 🦔

  • I'm awful at it but I'm trying to speedrun Sonic CD!! 🦔

***favourite games

***Favourite characters

get me outta here!!