Art From Mars

Animator and artist!

stuff people have asked me

What program do you use?

Procreate & Clip Studio Paint EX, Maya for 3D stuff

You sell art at conventions! Do you have an online store?

I just opened my shop! check out the link above :)))

Who the hell are your OCs?

They're an all-girl vigilante team on rollerskates :^) ill make a story for them some day...some day.........


★ 24 ★ she/her ★ Eng/fr ★
★ self proclaimed martian ★

  • Birds

  • Hugs from cute girls

  • Space

  • Many people speaking at once

  • Winter

  • Cars

Talk to me about:

  • Sonic

  • Metal Gear

  • Drakengard/Nier

  • Final Fantasy

  • Devil may cry

  • Dorohedoro

  • Animation and video games in general :^)

welcome to the cringe zone

  • I got into Sonic through the live action movies (was never into it as a kid) 🦔

  • Sonic is my ADHD hyperfixation. 🦔

  • I'm awful at it but I'm trying to speedrun Sonic CD!! 🦔

***favourite games

***Favourite characters

get me outta here!!

Sona reference sheet!

insane fanart!!!!!!!

by: my amazing friend holly (everyone say go holly!!!!!)

by: @milkmomato

My chibi commissions are open!

currently: 5/6 slots available. If you're interested please shoot me a dm on instagram or twitter!